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The main goal is to assist aboriginal men who are trying to leave the lifestyle of Crime, Violence and addiction. Remember, our doors are open to all nationalities wishing to accomplish these objectives for themselves and their families. As Brothers we try to stay focused and abide by the seven Grandfather teachings of Courage, Honesty, Humility, Truth, Wisdom, Love and Respect. We promote compassion, unity, protectors, belonging and a place to be heard. We want to encourage one another, while using kindness and sharing to our advantage. We also have members of all ages, each with different backgrounds, which help us provide some well nourished advice and guidance. We offer a mentor-ship program for each new individual to complete, which when accomplished is rewarded with a full set of Brotherhood patches.

We believe we are all equals and put on this earth by one creator.

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ABOUT US: We are not a Gang or a Motorcycle Club. We are a Brotherhood made by our Brothers and for our Brothers. We run in the same way a democracy would be run, with the majority votes from our members choosing our representatives.

Our organization spans across most of Canada from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario and many States.

We provide mentoring for the next generation of young men.

Organize our own personally funded handouts. (food and clothing)

Provide Peace Keeping to numerous events and functions, or those in hostile environments.

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